Premium Matcha, raw cacao butter, and coconut cream powder. What an ensemble! This Matcha bar was created in collaboration with Kimmy from WHISK Matcha, locally in Vancouver. We figured that someone who can't have white or milk chocolate, it is incredible hard to find a Matcha bar. And then all the sugar! If you are looking for THE healthy alternative, this is the one. Sweetened with a hint of maple sugar and 1.5 servings of Matcha per bar. Must tryyy

Matcha Creamsicle

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    Order $150 worth of goodness. Enter 'RawCriollo' at checkout for free shipping 😊


    2. Local Pickup Available (in Vancouver, British Columbia)

  • Raw cacao butter**, coconut cream powder**, maple syrup**, coconut sugar**, WHISK matcha**, bourbon vanilla*.


    *Organic **Organic & Fair Trade ***Organic & Local from BC

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