The Good Chocolatier

Handcrafting fine, ethical & healthy chocolate

while creating inclusive workplaces for adults with Autism (ASD)


Canadian Made


Ethically Sourced


100% Organic Ingredients


Female Owned


Cane Sugar Free




Soy Free




What GOOD can do for you.

Our handcrafted chocolate is pure in taste and texture while giving your body maximum benefits. We ensure that our chocolate remains loaded with minerals like iron and magnesium, vitamins, antioxidants, and flavonols, to help your brain and heart function at optimal levels. Not without reason, the name of the cacao tree translates into 'Food of the Gods'. 

We love our cacao. We stay away from artificial fillers and emulsifiers so that the good in our chocolate remains good in your body. Instead of refined cane sugar, we use nature's coconut sugar, maple syrup, raw manuka honey, monk fruit, and dates. Our cacao and ingredients are 100% organic and fairly traded.


Good is our suggestion to the world, where chocolate makes you feel amazing from lips to belly, from inside to out, and from heart to heart. 

Good is great.

Studies prove that dark chocolate can do much more than curing broken hearts!

Values in Action


We make our chocolates right here in Vancouver, our home and our community.


Often the most marginalized community members have their skills overlooked - we bring these skills to light by co-creating employment opportunities.


We don’t believe in fillers - in our ingredients nor in our packaging. When you buy TGC bars, you get what you see, and more.


We build local partnerships to strengthen our mission and contribute to a  resilient, local economy.


We make small batch, handcrafted chocolates in Vancouver to ensure that every bar is made to perfection and with love.


We want you to know that chocolates can be incredibly good for your body when made with the right ingredients and processes.

What do YOU think?

A Happy Customer - The Good Chocolatier

To have a sense of good taste and a healthy indulgence is wonderful. Chocolate can be a daily treat and something to look forward to with The Good Chocolatier.

A Happy Customer - The Good Chocolatier

I love The Good Chocolatier's broad selection of uniquely flavoured chocolates. The quality doesn't go unnoticed. It is rare to find such a pure and healthy chocolate in this huge market of food-additives and sugar-overloaded sweets.

A Happy Customer - The Good Chocolatier

My favourite chocolates are vegan and soy-free because of my food-intolerances. Luckily, I can eat almost all of them. Thanks for making chocolates for people with allergies!

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